My Room in Locus

Yesterday my adventure with the dorm lasted till 16:00 when the office opened and I finally received my keys. It turned out I had to send an email informing about the exact time of my arrival, so…

FIRST ADVICE: Write to your housing provider, especially if it is Tunabyggen, when you will be arriving, not to wait for almost 24 hours, like me, to get into the room.

SECOND ADVICE: Don’t save on your accommodation and try not to ask for the cheapest option, because when you see it, you may be ready to pay more, but it will be too late.

Here’s my room in the pictures below to give you an idea. I got a view on a play ground, where children from Somalia play football every day. On the other picture is the alternative view from rooms on the other side across the corridor.

 IMG_0051 IMG_0052 IMG_0068

3 responses to “My Room in Locus

  1. Thank you Olga for the information but still throw more light on the following issues:
    1. What is the rent for a single and a double room?

    2. Basing on the information you provided, for a double you have to share a bathroom. Do you also have to share the toilets(WC)?

    3.In your second advice, you advised us not save on your accommodation and not try to ask for the cheapest option,. Can you please eraborate on this .What happens if you go for the cheaper option? Did you go for the cheaoer option and what problems did you face with such an option?

    4. I have already submitted my application with the admission letter for housing to Tunabyggen and Iam an SI scholarship holder. What is the best option for me? I am admitted for a masters in solar energy engineering starting in August 2016.

    5. Who is responsible for cleaning cooen areas?

    6. Is the internet costs part of the rent package>

    Thank you.


  2. Thank you so much for the advice. I have also been admitted for a masters degree in solar energy engineering and I need more information about housing in Borlange.
    Please provide me with the rent charges and what is included in the rent package. How are the rooms ? Are they selfcontained or their some services to be shared?
    I will be grateful to hear from you.

    • Hi Samuel!

      Congratulations! The prices should be around 2100-2900 sek depending on the size of the room and if you will share the bathroom with sb else. I lived in Locus and there were two types of rooms, single and double. In both types everybody gets their own room, but in the single one you have your own bathroom and in the double one you share the entrance hall and the bathroom with another student. There is a shared kitchen on the floor.
      The main thing is to be lucky with neigbours, I would say. Otherwise, the facilities are good enough.

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